Councillor Julian Murray

 Councillor Julian Murray

Name: Julian Murray

Represents: Northfields Ward Dunstable

Address: 8 Westgate Court, 204-206 West Street,Dunstable,Beds LU6 1UG

Tel: 01582 690500 (daytime) or 07956364335


About Me: Born into a political family, I was a member of the Labour Party for many years.  Having been a councillor on Dunstable Town Council and South Beds Council for some seventeen years, the Labour Party decided it didn't want me any more.  I was urged to fight the ward in the first election to Central Beds Council as an Independent. I was doubtful about succeeding, but I agreed and won. I was the only Independent until the election in 2011, when three other Independents were elected. Now there a six.

I have always listened to constituents' problems and tried to help het the council to sort things out. Usually it is successful, but occasionally there is nothing I can do.

I promised to consult the electorate on the important matters that affect the locality and I carry out that promise. In the council chamber, I can represent their views.